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Book of dead freeplay

book of dead freeplay

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In addition to the to-be-expected Expansion Packs, EA also presented gamers with a new content pack, called Stuff Packs, whose function was to add new items to the game usually in groups of around 60 that gamers could use to further customize and make their world unique.

When The Sims 3 was finally launched gamers were anticipating a major improvement to their Sim Lives -- and they got it. The game world was tweaked in several ways, with the most obvious being the replacement of the previous goal-based system with the new Wish-based one.

An expansion of the skills and career tree top-off the new game play model, and the series of expansions that quickly followed the release of the base game, World Adventures, Ambitions, Late Night, Generations, Pets, and Showtime quickly expand play to exceed that of the previous generation.

Little Computer People Influence. Each copy of the game generates its own unique character -- so no two copies play exactly the same -- and this little person who lived in your computer would move into the three-story house which appeared as a cut-away on the screen, doing everyday things like walking around, eating, sleeping, reading the paper, and playing games with the gamer, who can interact with the little computer person in a number of ways.

Every now and then the little person living in your computer will write you a letter telling you how they feel, adding to the interactivity in the game.

While nobody is saying that The Sims are based upon Little Computer People, and the two games are very different in their approach and their style of play, Will Wright himself has said that he played Little Computer People prior to creating The Sims, and even received what he considered valuable feedback on The Sims from its lead designer, Rich Gold -- so any serious Sim fan will want to take a look at this game just for the fun of it!

The process of creating this guide turned out to be a mixture of persistence, patience, self-discipline, and the acknowledgment that creating a useful guide for you, the gamer, was our most powerful motivation.

We are committed to staying the course as the game expands and is refined by the studio, so that you have a constantly updated and useful source of game play information, tips, tricks, and perhaps more important than that, a go-to source for answers to the questions that will invariably crop up as you discover the joy of playing God in this newest mobile incarnation of The Sims.

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ID Feb 6th Dahjai Ross. I have a fashion table to complete the quest in a neighbor town In order to have one you have to build the toy store. ID Dec 5th Gabe Stimpson.

How do I send a sim to the gym or barbecue in the park? ID Dec 8th Alley ID Mar 30th Georgelas ID Feb 21st Amazingerikaaa. ID Nov 30th Guest. Please help me I have no money and i don't know how to earn money quick or I think my sims are going to starve.

ID Feb 17th Guest. Daily rewards give you simoleons on vip 0 use the money to buy a fridge and make a sim eat " leftovers " and anyway I think the game restored my hunger anyway so it's nothing to worry about.

ID Nov 28th Guest. If you see a sim who is not single, can you marry them so that they can divorce their husband because I want to have sex with a hot woman in the sims but she is already married.

How do you sell a sim's room or demolish a sim's room for sims Freeplay? My baby is not a toddler and I want her to be!!

I am on level 21 and still haven't gotten the quest! With cute sprite-work and engaging gameplay, the game's difficulty is steep, but well paced so that you can make a little more progress with each game.

I was fortunate enough to see this game in my childhood at my local take-away no less , but it makes me extremely proud to be able to final share this rare game with Brisbane arcade fans.

Known in Japan as 'Wonder 3', Three Wonders is a unique arcade title in that it includes three full games, across three genres, on a single arcade board.

The first two games, Midnight Wanderers and Chariot, and closly linked in theme and by the characters, although the third Puzzle game stands completely separate in gameplay and stlye think Bomberman meets Pengo!

You would expect such a pack-in of titles to result in 3 poor games, but not so! If you were to separate these three games, each would stand on it's own as a solid arcade title, with perhaps only the lack of memorable characters and soundtrack being absent from Capcom's usual high gaming standards.

Considered by many as the greatest Street Fighter game, and the finest 2D fighter of all time. Whether or not you agree, SF3: Capcom took their learnings from SF3 and 2nd Impact, and expanded the roster by another 5 characters Chun-Li, Remy, Q and Twelve , providing the most balanced and deep fighting system the series had seen.

Thanks to the massive success of the original Double Dragon game, Billy and Jimmy Lee have become arcade celebrities! But what was it that made this game such a massive hit?

I think you only need to look at the side scrolling beat em ups which came before, and those which came after, to see the great advancement in the genre, and the impressive legacy left.

Considered the game which defined the side-scrolling beat 'em up genre, Double Dragon brought together two-player co-op gameplay, use of weapons and interactive backgrounds, plus a for the time complicated 3 button control system which enabled new depth of play.

Although the genre has been improved upon since, Double Dragon is still great fun today. It's Daytona with guns!

Well, perhaps that's a stretch Grab a friend and step on up to this beautiful dedicated Sega cabinet, grip the fixed machine gun's trigger and take in the fly-by shooting action on a georgous 50" rear-projection screen - the way it was meant to be played!

We're proud to add this great SHMUP to the arcade, which offers solid gameplay and progressive challenge. Look forward to see what scores our best players can put up!

There are few games which need less of an introduction than Golden Axe. Or perhaps, for that reason, such a game deserves an extra special introduction!?

In any case, if you've ever walked into an arcade you'll know the game, but it's been some twenty-odd years since you've likely had the please to play this glorious game the way it was meant to be enjoyed - at an arcade.

The memorable music score, timeless graphical presentation, and enthrawling gameplay are all back with this Sega classic joining the permanent lineup at 1UP Arcade Morningside.

Konami's Road Fighters 3D is an impressive addition to our arcade line up, and while it barely counts as a classic arcade title, support for the game has already been ceased by Konami Japan.

All that aside, the immersive 3D racing experience on offer here simply must be experienced. Built on Konami's now popular 4-player fighting hardware, Vendetta joins the like of Konami's TMNT and The Simpsons multi-player beat-em-ups only this time with a much harder edge.

Similar to the release of Mortal Kombat, it's like the game designers were trying to offend when they unleashed Vendetta, as this game hands no punches that's punny!

More importantly, as this game's prequel was a bit of a mess, the Konami team have actually gone on to conjure up a highly enjoyable beat-em-up, which is best enjoyed with a group of friends.

If there's ever a game which doesn't require an introduction then this might be game. Final Fight single-handedly defined the side-scrolling beat-'em-up genre, and retains such strong playability that it's as fun to play today, as it was 28 years ago OMG!

Was it really that long ago!! The sounds, the action, the characters If you have never given Final Fight a good play then I strongly recommend playing this piece of history.

Capcom at their finest ok, they've had a lot of fine moments - but there's real greatness here. Do we all love fighting games that much, or do we all like the gore even more?

Perhaps we like mixing them both: Love it or hate it, MK fans are passionate and so we are incredibly proud to not only have the original Mortal Kombat at our Brisbane arcade, but also it's sequels MK2, and Ultimate MK3.

I can smell the fatalities already Is it a bird? Is it a plane? I can still remember playing this classic arcade game, based on the most famous comicbook character of all time, when I was 12 years old Although not the greatest game ever made with the Superman character you control feeling a little ridgid at first , once you warm up to the gameplay you'll find an enjoyable action game which offers a variety of gameplay styles.

From side-scrolling beat-'em-up, to vertical flying, and onto a side-scrolling shooter stages. Better knwon as just 'Magic Sword', a mix of familar Capcom elements, game play and art styles come together to produce this solid side-scrolling action platformer with mild RPG inspired elements.

As a spiritual sucessor to Capcom's earlier hit title, Black Tiger, you control the warrior hero known only as 'Brave One' over the course of 51 levels.

As you battle to the top of a mighty tower, you will allied with other characters who help you on your quest. Still a crowd favourite after over 20 years - and for good reason.

While Daytona attracts more attention, Sega Rally brings forward a little more depth to the arcade experience with racing over a multitude of surfaces, each bringing its own feel and levels of traction!

Our Twin Sega Rally cabinet is a testiment to Sega's gaming genius at their prime, and how a classic never dies. Pop on down to enjoy this game like you never have before, and challenge a friend or stranger on free-play at 1UP Arcade.

Crisis Zone sits as a spin-off to the incredibly popular Time Crisis series upping the action with unlimited amunition and a kick-back machine gun!

The game simply must be played to understasnd how effective the kick back effect of the machine gun is when getting into the action.

While ported to the PS2, nothing compare to playing this game on the orginal arcade dedicated cabinet.

Konami does it again with another innovative arcade offering! Silent Scope brings a unique representation of being a sniper through controls which can never be replicated at home.

Konami have integrated a sniper rifle into the arcade cabinet, while second a tiny colour LCD display is integrated into the rifle scope, displaying a zoomed-in view of where your gun is pointing.

This perfect digitisation of the sniper experience lets you target mere spots on the horizon, before taking your close-up head-shot.

So this is where it all begun for Metal Slug. Well if you discount the original inspiration provided by the run-and-gun hit Contra, you'll find many strong connections with Gunforce and the later Metal Slug series.

You see the team at Irem who produced Gunforce, set the groundwork and gameplay which would evolve directly into Metal Slug. The sequel, Gunforce 2, bares an uncanny resemblance to Metal Slug, and it is believed that Metal Slug may have been a sequel to Gunforce, had there not had been so much corporate politics involved at the time.

In fact, Metal Slug ever reuses some of the same sound effects from Gunforce 2. So come in and see why it all started.

A remake of Strikers II for a horizontal screen and the Neo Geo MVS platform, all the score and interface elements are moved to the side of the screen while the original gameplay is kept in tact.

As a warm up to the 'Bullet-Hell' shooters which would go on to gather such a strong fan following, Strikers Plus sits with Gunbird 2, Outzone and Blazing Star as one of our classic shoot-'em-up experiences.

With Double Dragon defining the side-scrolling beat-'em-up genre just one year before, you need to play Shadow Warriors to see just how much progress had been made with Tecmo's efforts.

If at first you think button 1 is broken, try standing under a pole or sign! The first game to be released on Namco's System 12 hardware, Tekken 3 brings forth the first real graphical improvements since the series begun, and big changes to the established character roster.

Although Tekken may never get the same level of acknowledgement as series like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat, due to strong sales on the PlayStation, Tekken 3 still sits as the second best selling fighting game of all time, second to only Super Smash Brothers Brawl!

Plus it was the fourth best selling PlastStation game of all time. Galaxy Fight is another rare arcade game this time for the neo Geo MVS system which we are proud to bring to the arcade for all to experience.

So don't be shy in giving it a play on your next visit, you'll be glad you did. Do not dismiss Demon Front as a Metal Slug copy Not widely known outside of Korea, 1UP Arcade is proud to be the only known arcade in Australia to offer this rare gem to the public, so come on in and experience this lost arcade treasure today.

I remember having serious doubts as to how Capcom could convert the Street Fighter formula 3D, but those fears are unfounded as the adaptation to 3D is nothing short of astounding.

Featuring outstanding arcade graphics and running on the Playstation 3 based System , we look forward to all the versus fun to be had on our twin-linked Tekken 6 cabinets.

With Tekken 7 only being announced in , Tekken 6 served for 8 longs years in arcades all around the world including almost every arcade in Japan , which is a testiment to the staying power and depth of gameplay incorporated into this release.

Having this game in our arcade launch line-up is like finding the holy-grail on your first day of adventuring. This Sega classic was developed by the little known 'Westone Bit Entertainment' studio previously known as 'Escape' who were responsible for the original Wonderboy arcade game, and quite possible the best Sega Master System game ever - Wonderboy III.

Bring the unique mix of an arcade platformer with RPG elements, if you care at all about your arcade history then you simply must play this one!

The second fighting game franchise on the Neo Geo MVS arcade platform after Fatal Fury wowed us with incredibly large, smooth scaling character sprites like nothing we'd seen before!

Sure the game played a little ho-hum Even today, there's something cool about the impressively large characters in Art of Fighting, and the feeling of being in close to the action.

Furthermore, the Art of Fighting series would feed The King of Fighters 'supply chain' of new characters, meaning we'd later get to enjoy most of these fighting characters in a more controlled 'King of Fighters' gameplay environment.

Gaming history is made here and that alone makes this game worth a play or two. Capitalising on the incredible sucess of the Raiden SHMUP series, Seibu branched out to create the Raiden Fighters series, a new IP which allowed for the traditional formula to be mixed up with selectable player ships, and a crazier array of weapons than ever seen before!

With the demise of arcades in the 90's, we also lost a range of special games to the sands of time which never offered the same experience playing at home.

That's why it almost brings a tear to my eye to be able to present Cyber Sled for everyone to enjoy at 1UP Arcade's opening.

The gameplay centers around controlling a futuristic hovercraft tank through an arena while doing battle with an opponent human or CPU controlled.

Equipped with missles and a rapid-fire machine gun, various power-ups are available throughout the game, which feature improved radar, extra missiles, and shield re-charging.

Think Atari Combat in 3D, with awesome dual-joystick controls the way a tank game should be! Get your riding gear on for Manx TT is coming to town!

Set in the Isle of Man TT, we are incredibly proud to present this twin motorcycle racing game in a full dedicated cabinet.

Add in a set of motorbikes which you actually lean into to steer around corners, and you have an experience not to be missed! Put the kids to bed because it's 'double-tap' time!

This third installment in the popular arcade horror zombie-survival series ups the visual presentation by utilising the Sega Chihiro arcade platform - essentially a souped up Xbox system with extra memory.

Games like this insist on having a storyline, but we know you're not concerned about that. The important info is that there's two pump action shotguns to keep the zombies at bay, and a large rear-projection screen to take in all the action!

After having great success with their previous Marvel Comics licensed games X-Men: With experience under their belt placing Marvel characters into essentially a Street Fighter Alpha style game, Capcom combined the two worlds and added new VS gameplay tweaks.

This meant that battles are played out over a single tag-team round, with the ability to swap between your two characters at any time.

Additional strategy is thrown into the mix with your alternate character recovering energy while not in battle, and a range of combined special moves being on offer.

But all that aside, it was and still is awesome just to see these great characters present in the same game! I have fond memories of playing the first Fatal Fury game at my local bowling alley.

This colourful fighter with large, bold graphics was the creative development of Takashi Nishiyama, the creator of the original Street Fighter game, and was released as the very first fighting game on the Neo Geo MVS platform.

Fatal Fury was still exploring the one-on-one fighting game genre and as such, introduced some interesting features like multiple fields of play, and a very unique two human players vs the CPU opponent mode.

If you haven't played Fatal Fury like this before, you simply must grab a friend and give it a try! Hooray for the sword fighters! Samurai Shodown was the original fighting game to successfully bring armed fighters together in a one-on-one fighting game with smooth and detailed gameplay.

Utilising the Neo Geo's powerful 2D hardware, large sprites of a size rarely seen before were on offer and if that weren't enough, they scaled in and out as your fighters moved around the playfield!

If you haven't tried the original Samurai Shodown before, then head on down to 1UP Arcade to get an education in sword fighting games: Konami's GTi Club twin racer is loads of competitive fun, with its approchable arcade racing gameplay and lively racing environments - packed with road-side obstacles, and shortcuts to get ahead of your competitors.

Strap yourself in for a single player game or race against a friend with our linked machines. What was for years only a fantasy of fighting game fans became a reality when SNK Playmore at the time had their chance to pitch their fave characters, against the Capcom universe.

I still recall the thrill of seeing all the Capcom characters drawn in SNK's art style for the first time.

It was like they had been put through the wash and came out ready for placement in a KOF game: Meet Rave Racer, the third game in the famed Ridge Racer series - and from this May 1UP Arcade is proud to present this dedicated Rave Racer sit-down racing cabinet for all to enjoy!

With more tracks, more music, force-feedback steering and improved graphics over the previous Ridge Racer games, Rave Racer certainly made a splash when released in the arcades back in It was the first game to use high-resolution for the time 3D texture mapping, while running at x at 60 fps.

This great game never received a home release, so this makes us extra proud to have Rave Racer available to play at our launch.

Yet another unique fighting game IP on the Neo Geo platform - you can see why the system built a reputation as a fighting game system!

However this is no reason to complain as arcades were treated to around 14 years of glorious new fighting games during the reign of the Neo Geo MVS system.

Rage of the Dragons brings tag-team style fights, with a twist in that the player not currently in place, slowly restores energy.

This adds another tactical level to ROTD's gameplay, as you pick your teams from the 14 available characters.

So what do you do when you have the worlds greatest gaming franchise and everyone's eyes are on you? The world is a buzz with talk of when we'll see Street Fighter 3, a true sequel to the fighting classic Being a prequel to the 'original' Street Fighter 2, the SF Alpha series or 'Zero' as known in South America steps back in time to present a more youthful rendition of our Street Fighter faves, along with plenty of newcomers.

With so many variants released within the 'Street Fighter 2' era, SSF2 remains to this day my favourite incarnation of the classic SF2 series. Although adding only 4 new characters may seem a little light-on by today's standards, SSF2 represented a high-point in the evolution of the all time great gaming series.

When talking about arcade games, if you exclude all the golden era games like Space Invaders and Pacman, there are not many titles which get mentioned more often than Metal Slug.

Jam packed with addictive action and charisma, Metal Slug has earned itself a cult-like following, and spawned many sequels - although nothing quite impresses like the original game.

Historically games based on movies have not gone well And now in you can relive it all again. Toaplan are better known for their horizontal shooters than puzzle games let's not forget Zero Wing's famous quote: It's easy to see the Bubble Bobble influence here, but rather than being a rip-off or clone, Snow Bros massively succeeds in creating it's own incarnation of the platform puzzle genre with a game which is highly addictive and original.

To visit an arcade and not play this game should be a crime! Walk the road less travelled. Mark of the Wolves then you're in for a real treat!

As the eighth installment of the Fatal Fury series, and being released late in the Neo Geo' systems life-span, this game is a superb execution of the fighting game genre.

The gameplay is strong and balanced, the characters offering a lot of variety, and the graphics some of the best to grace a 2D fighter - just shy of the SFIII series!

Considered by many as the high-point of the Mortal Kombat series, Ultimate MK3 takes the third installment of this popular series, and improves upon the gameplay balance and adds several extra characters over the standard MK3.

MK3 received a full graphical make-over from MK1 and MK2, improving the capture technology used on the previous two games to create a more cohesive look.

But graphics aside, this has always been my favourite of the MK series and a proud addition to the arcade floor. What would happen if you combined Shinobi and Double Dragon?

Working as a side-scrolling like Double Dragon, only you move around on a fixed plane like a platformer game - with several fields of play similar to Shinobi.

Known as both 'Bad Dudes', or just 'DragonNinja', this great game is even more enjoyable in two-player mode.

I'm looking forward to seeing this back in an arcade setting and giving it a good play! Just like people, some games have just 'got it'!

They are over-flowing with style, carisma and appeal, which make them likable to everyone - and this is one such game.

Known as 'Bakumatsu Rouman: Gekka no Kenshi' in Japan, SNK knocked it out of the park with The Last Blade series, perfectly capturing the Bakumatsu era in Japan, with lovable characters all being perfectly rendered.

But the beauty is far more than skin-deep when you get comfortable with the fluid gameplay mechanics. A fighting game where all the pieces fit together so perfectly - coming soon to your Brisbane arcade After the massive success of TMNT arcade - one of the best coin gobblers of all time with simultaneous 4-play gaming - Konami backed it up with another great franchised game, this time based on the incredibly popular 'The Simpsons' TV series.

While most fans will usually hold one game or the other as their fave 4-player fighter, The Simpsons arcade did a tremendous job of bringing such unassuming suburban characters to the beat-'em-up genre.

Regardless of which game is your pick, we'll have them both set on free-play and ready for you at 1UP Arcade Brisbane! Certainly not the first 4-player arcade beat-'em-up, but possibly the one which defined the genre.

As a 12yo boy I couldn't help but be caught up in 'Turtle Mania' But seeing how well they brough these four turtles to life on the arcade screen was simply amazing - and still is to this day.

Not even Michael Bay managed to capture the true spirit of the turtles like Konami did way back on Both a master-piece of gaming adaptation, and 4-player mayhem - with the number of enemies increasing according to the number of turtle players in the game - Konami's hardware didn't shy away from filling the screen with foot-soldier sprites, and all the ninja turtle mania you could hope for.

Bubble Bobble is back - in puzzle form! Play single player or two player competitive in this puzzle game where you aim to accurately shoot your colour spheres into matching coloured sets, thus preventing these nasty sphere from getting the better of your cute little dragon.

I'm sure there's a plot in there too - but it's the addictive gameplay that will bring you back. Although the Neo Geo platform didn't receive a lot of puzzle games, Bubble Bobble aka, Bust-a-move in North America has always been a crowd favourite being built upon the much loved Bubble Bobble franchise, while also being very approachable to play for newcommers.

If you have never played or seen Blazing Star, then you're in for a treat! Remember seeing the incredible pre-rendered 3D graphics of Donkey Kong Country, or Killer Instinct for the first time?

As the sequel to Pulstar, which was closely based on the classic R-Type series, Blazing Star takes a greater gameplay departure form the R-Type style, and as a result is more of it's own game - and all the better for it!

Quite possibly one of the greatest 2D side-scrolling shooters ever, we are very proud to have Blazing Star in the arcade.

Taking much inspiration from the success of Contra, Cyber Lip features fast gameplay with the ability to shoot vertically up and down while jumping , in addition to left and right.

This makes for a hectic game at times with enemies closing in from all angles. Another great feature is the option to choose your path through the game.

Some developers from Irem were involved in the creation of Cyber Lip, and these developers later went on to work on the Metal Slug series.

The Neo Geo launch titles were all about showing off what the new hardware could do, and covering as many game genres as possible for the launch of this new system.

So where does this leave Ninja Combat? Well at times all over the place: My quest for gaming perfection aside however, there's a load of fun to be had here if you don't take the game too seriously, and I do remember being impressed when I first saw this game in the arcades back in What boy doesn't want to be a Ninja!?

I remember when the silky-smooth moves of Joe Higashi first caught my eye as an 11YO, and I knew this game was for me. Bring back all those childhood Ninja memories with the original Shinobi arcade game.

Pack full of fast-paced, dual-plane platforming excitement, magic, and swift Ninja moves. Inspired from the gameplay style pioneeded by Rolling Thunder a few years prior.

SF2 was so sucessful that it proctically defined the arcade fighting game genre, and is even often referred as 'the original Street Fighter game', dispite being the sequel to the much less popular Street Fighter.

Featuring three stages, Virtua Cop 2 improved on the first game which set the pace for all 3D shooting games to follow. Using a system whereby the player is taken on a predetermined path, the player must shoot enemies as they appear throughout the scenery, while some key interactive elements are selected during play by shooting them to choose different paths through each level.

A unique target marker is used to highlight enemies which changes colour to indicate when the enemy will shoot back. At the end of each level there is a boss battle, as well as one extra final boss battle after all three levels have been finished.

Those old enough to remember playing Virtua Cop 2 in the arcades during the 90's, will remember it's hunder for coins - so 1UP's free-play model will allow you to scrub-up on your shooting skills, without empting the piggy bank!

I will never forget the first time I saw the lock-on purple Plasma weapon in the arcades! Raiden 2 expands on the original shooter with enhanced graphics and two new weapons - the Plasma Beam, which can lock onto targets but does damage slowly; and the Cluster Bomb, which does less damage than regular bombs but strikes a larger area.

Mortal Kombat II, consider by some as the best game in the series, improves the gameplay and expanding the mythos of the original Mortal Kombat.

The second installment of the MK series introduces more varied Fatality finishing moves plus several iconic characters, such as Kitana, Mileena, Kung Lao, Noob Saibot, and the series' recurring villain, Shao Kahn.

A fan favourie everywhere, and we are proud to have our dedicated original MKII cabinet included in our launch line-up of arcade games.

Pinball selection can change from time to time due to machine faults and maintanance. If you are keen to play a specific title, please contact us to confirm availability.

A second Williams pinball designed by famed video game and pinball designer, Steve Richie, Star Trek: Prepare for a Borg invasion on your next visit, as this pin is deserving of more than a few plays.

As the pinball game for the biggest movie release of the early 90s, this machine needed to impress - and even today it still does!

Williams have done an excellent job of bringing all the speed and excitement of the big screen movie title, to the playfield of a pinball.

Quite possibly the most famous pinbal of all time, PlayBoy, has arrived! Based on the long-running magazine, revel is the 70's art style as Hugh Hefner with Playmate Patti McGuire and Playmate Sondra Theodore adorne the main backglass.

While the playfield will not blow you away with ramps and spinning gadgets, PlayBoy instead focuses on classic mid's style gameplay with a sweeping lane, 3 pop-bumpers and plenty of targets to rack-up your multiplier score!

Based on the mega popular 90's cartoon series of the same name, this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles pinball is a must play on your next visit to 1UP Arcade!

Developed by Data East, makers of many great arcade games, the pinball stays true to the 90's cartoon with plenty of retro comic art, turtle sound samples, spinning pizzas and full TMNT action figures around the playfield!

Return to a time when there were only seven Doctors and join them on an adventure against The Master, Davros and the Daleks! This amazing playfield offers intense action as you collect all seven doctors and unlock new gameplay activities like the Time Expander moving mini-playfield!

Revisit the most commercially successful pinball machine ever created, with four flippers, a magnetic 'Thing' multiball pickup and computer-controlled mini-flipper that can make a trick shot!

It's not to be missed! Run Pac-Man through mazes while running from and chasing ghosts! Collect moves and enter the 5x5 Pac-Maze grid, using left flipper to change direction and right flipper to move - complete as many mazes as you can!

Brave river rapids, whirlpools, water slides and even Bigfoot in this incredible pinball adventure to score a Vacation Jackpot.

Considered one of William's best pinball machines, White Water is sure to reel you in with its collection of ramps and the complex upper mini-playfield.

Take the plunge today! Run your own succesful 50's era Diner, serve your customers and collect your tips!

This charming pinball machine features incredible artwork and theming, plenty of bonuses and all the sights and sounds you could ever want.

Enjoy simple two-flipper action for one to four players serving 5 customers and scoring up to 12 million points - a great place to start for pinball beginners!

Travel through time and recover your MOJO in this psycadellic film tie-in that looks as sounds just like the movie!

It's just like playing a game of Pool in a western-themes bar from the 's! This elaboratly themed playfield features three flippers, backbox carryover and continuous build-up shots for up to four players.

Hit the 8-ball drop target in the corner pocket special points and advanced bonuses, or keep aiming for the left lane to rack up your score and earn an extra ball!

This amazing wide-body pinball was the first to use Williams' DCS sound system and features custom voice recordings from John Rhys-Davies as well as a player controlled tilting upper playfield.

With references to the original trilogy throughout the game, Indiana Jones will appeal to both movie buffs and pinball aficionados!

Don't get turned to stone! Take on the mantle of Persues and do battle with the evil Gorgon Medusa in this mythologically-themed pinball.

Medusa is a truly amazing pinball machine with a playfield jam packed with drop targets, bumpers, ramps, and lights. You'll love the artwork almost as much as you'll love playing the game!

Chase down suspects and fugitives in this thrilling movie tie-in based on the original film. This two-flipper, cop-themed playfield isn't the most complicated, but it does feature an incredible jump ramp!

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Extreme accuracy is rewarded in this challenging pinball as you aim for drop targets in sequence to complete your Royal Flush. Don't let those aliens win control of our galaxy!

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Win races to become the champion! Xenon houses the pinnacle of early 80's sampled vocals featuring the first talking pinball as well as the first female voice!

Two flipers and a simple, open playfield make Xenon a good choice for beginners, but still offers all the lights and sounds that'll keep you playing again and again!

Control four flippers and dogfight through a collection of twisting ramps to shoot down enemy planes and score big! This Solid State version of Evel Knievel celebrates the most daring stunt man ever with all the top-of-the-line features from the 70's that sounds unlike any of our other pinballs.

Don the red, white and blue and hop on your motorbike to enjoy this simple-but-exciting twin-flipper classic pinball! We're working hard to bring a new, classic, arcade game to 1UP Arcade every Wednesday.

So why not come on down and join us for our exciting weekly game release! Stay updated with our game releases and large collection of arcade classics on offer below: Street Fighter II Turbo: Combatribes Technos Japan Corp At 1UP we're big fans of the beat 'em up, which brings us to Combatribes, our latest side-scrolling brawler and our second 3-player simultaneous game.

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Willow Capcom The 80's were packed full of action movies , and a memorable handful of amazing adventure movies, with the movie Willow, falling into the latter category.

The House of the Dead Sega Sega Model 2 This week we take you all the way back, back to Sega's first 3D horror shooter game, and back to the days when an arcade cabinet could recommend using a 'Head Shot' to take out the enemies!

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The King of Fighters ' The King of Fighters '94 SNK Neo Geo MVS The very first game in The King of Fighters series was released on August 25th , and marked the begining of the long running series which saw a game released every year from until with only not having a new title released.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Bandai Namco Games Coming 4 years after Tekken 6, and an incredible 12 years after 's first Tekken Tag game release, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 returns bring the fast-paced mix of Tekken fighting and tag-team matches.

Strider Capcom To be honest, I don't where to start Out Zone Toaplan Out Zone is another great Toaplan shooter, although technically it falls within the 'run and gun', or 'push-scroll shooter' genre.

Champion Edition Capcom CPS1 System With Street Fighter 2 being a bigger success than Capcom could have ever imagined, they now had fans beating at the doors, throwing ideas and feature requests, to make the greatest fighting game even greater - and so in this update, Champion Edition, Capcom answered those fans.

Road Fighters 3D Konami Konami's Road Fighters 3D is an impressive addition to our arcade line up, and while it barely counts as a classic arcade title, support for the game has already been ceased by Konami Japan.

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Super Street Fighter II: Snow Bros Toaplan Toaplan are better known for their horizontal shooters than puzzle games let's not forget Zero Wing's famous quote: Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 Midway Considered by many as the high-point of the Mortal Kombat series, Ultimate MK3 takes the third installment of this popular series, and improves upon the gameplay balance and adds several extra characters over the standard MK3.

The Simpsons 4-Player Konami After the massive success of TMNT arcade - one of the best coin gobblers of all time with simultaneous 4-play gaming - Konami backed it up with another great franchised game, this time based on the incredibly popular 'The Simpsons' TV series.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 4-Player Konami Certainly not the first 4-player arcade beat-'em-up, but possibly the one which defined the genre.

Shinobi Sega What boy doesn't want to be a Ninja!? The World Warrior Capcom SF2 was so sucessful that it proctically defined the arcade fighting game genre, and is even often referred as 'the original Street Fighter game', dispite being the sequel to the much less popular Street Fighter.

Virtua Cop 2 Sega Featuring three stages, Virtua Cop 2 improved on the first game which set the pace for all 3D shooting games to follow.

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Medusa Bally Don't get turned to stone! Robocop Data East Chase down suspects and fugitives in this thrilling movie tie-in based on the original film.

Alien Poker Williams Set a course for the year and join a cast of aliens for a hand of poker to decide the fate of the universe!

Banzai Run Williams Operate six flippers across two continuous playfields in Banzai Run, a motorbike racing themed pinball you have to see to believe!

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Evel Knievel Bally This Solid State version of Evel Knievel celebrates the most daring stunt man ever with all the top-of-the-line features from the 70's that sounds unlike any of our other pinballs.

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Asterix and the Power of the Gods. Contra Hard Corps Probotector. The Battle for Arrakis. The Tides of Time. Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Sonic the Hedgehog 3.

Streets of Rage 2. Streets of Rage 3. Bubble Bobble Part 2. Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers. Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers 2. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

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Extreme Butoden - Nintendo 3DS. Don't see what you're looking for? There was a problem completing your request.

Please try your search again later. Available for the first time in 3D. Play as characters from the series. Battle online over Wi-Fi.

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See all customer images. Read reviews that mention dead or alive street fighter fighting game fighting games story mode alive dimensions touch screen chronicle mode arcade mode team ninja super street single player mortal kombat cutscenes doa dimensions highly recommend voice acting take pictures street pass soul calibur.

Showing of reviews. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Let me start off by saying that anyone familiar with the DOA series will want to know, are the "endowments", "physics", and "large appointments" in tact?

In case I'm not clear, the game does have partial nudity, so Yes, it is in 3D. There are many aspects to this game. The first thing is that the graphics are amazing, almost like an Xbox game.

The backgrounds are detailed, with snow sometimes. There is also electricity too. The backgrounds are interactive too, with rooftops, doors, windows, glass, and icicles to break and fall through.

When a body is thrown or falls to the ground, it cracks underneath the fallen opponent. The music is good, and the sound effects are perfect.

There are voices, but it's not in sync with their lips. I think it's because it was made for Japanese words, bit it doesn't take away from the game.

Fighting is intricate, with throws, counters, and blocks to master. Most games have a button for punch, kick, throw, and block.

DOA dimensions has that, but on a much deeper scale. You can combine arrows with the control pad, diagonals, half circles, hold arrows and even quarter circles!

Some throws can be combined with other throws to string together awesome combos, but with certain characters. Counters can be done with timing, and holding buttons too.

Fighting arenas are multi-tiered. One minute you'll be fighting on a rooftop, then end up on the ground the next minute. Foes can also be thrown into walls, shocked by certain things, and fall from great heights to give more damage.

Many characters can be unlocked, and costumes keep the fighting fresh. Costumes are amazing, and very revealing with all the female characters.

There are also many modes to fight in, included survival mode, training, tag team, internet play, local play, Streetpass fighting, and Freeplay.

They took great advantage of the 3ds camera, and you are able to take 3d photos of characters. The bonus is the ability to get "close up" shots of certain "aspects" of the game.

All in all, a great game on par with Street Fighter and Tekken. The story is great and fills in the blanks from the other incarnations that consisted of little more than unexplained and very short cutscenes.

While the latest Xbox offering is very pretty and basically a good fighter it's no where near as good as the 3DS version.

Obviously the has incredible graphics and the new artwork is sublime but it still falls short compared to this gem of a DOA package, and I'm still some what in disbelief that I'm saying that but it is true.

Please try again later. Nice drive, but is NOT what is advertised! This is not a notebook drive.

It is the old 2xGB drives piggy backed, so it will not fit your "notebook". Notice side views or accurate external measurements are conveniently missing It is hard to assign a star value to the product, as the product is not the problem-the seller is.

How do you rate the product when the product is mis-represented? I gave it a 3 by default Prompt delivery, good packaging. Sorry it took so long to review.

Research what you buy. I was excited to upgrade my laptop after experiencing the death of my previous drive. I failed to cross reference the model of this drive to determine the thickness.

It wasn't until I received the drive that I found it was too thick to fit inside my laptop. Instead of return shipping and possible restocking fees, I chose to get an external enclosure from EBay will fit ANY 2.

Got a third, RMA'd also. Got a 4th, and will not use it, WD will not give a refund, so I am stuck with it. I have always gone with Seagate, except for a brief moment, that won't happen again!!

Highly recommend this drive and the seller is top notched!! And if doesn't, you have to make it fit. Here is how I was able to cut a hole in my Asus NX It's almost double the size of a normal laptop HDD 14 mm high as opposed to 9.

The overall rating for the product is the highest, but the seller was not totally honest intentionally or not, the height of the drive is not mentioned on the description of the product.

One person found this helpful. Got it for a secondary Ps3 hard drive and it didnt fit. No problems other than that.

I have bought 3 of these now. They are also extremely slow. Probably ok for a backup device, but I would not recommend this drive for daily use.

My son trully enjoys the upgrade of memory because he totally downloads everything. Once the careers of Barack Obama and other supporters and partners of the Weathermen traitors are utterly destroyed, and Barack Obama has as much credibility and political viability as David Duke….

Follow the numbers — see if you can connect the dots!! Do you see McCain saying how bad their judgment is?? Even Dan Quayle, with whom Mrs.

Palin is often compared because of her age and inexperience on the national scene, was not viewed as negatively in the campaign.

FNC has it on the rolling screen this a. First, instead of playing into this Rove-inspired trip to the Twilight Zone, lets ask a question of logic:.

Demands she dissolve and step down from leadership of ultra-leftist radical Annenberg Challenge and donate all proceeds to failing GOP political fund.

Michele brought Ayers and Barack together. She organized the panel with the two of them on it. I have always thought that Barack is actually more of a pliable follower than a real leader.

He seesm like a guy who just wants to be loved by the entire world…. And to the libs commenting here. We know how old Obama was when Ayers was active and that is a specious argument.

The question is do birds of a feather flock together? I think the answer is obvious to anyone who actually wants to think about it.

The deniers are fooling no one but themselves. You see how easy this is? Oh by the way—John McCain personally bombed a lot of people, and associated with many other people who caused the deaths of thousands of people with their bombing.

He is referred to as Frank and this could be only one person. Frank Marshall Davis, a card carrying communist who mentored Obama during his teen years in Hawaii.

We certainly live in crazy times if everything we say has be proved in such a way so as to avoid the truth being eradicated. Furthermore, if Islam is a peaceful religion and the Democrats have no problems with Islam and its adherents and if there is nothing in the constitution that prohibits a Muslim being President of the USA, why is Obama going to such lengths to deny his birthright as a Muslim even if in the end he decided to become a Christian?

Why is the Democratic party going to such lengths to deny his past as a Muslim? The comments are funnnnny! At first I thought this was sarcasm and you were anti O….

If you write something about the important need to understand the history of the period, in order to avoid it happening again, and this requires reading this stuff re: Security Clearance refused on basis of past affiliations!!

Its pretty offensive when Obama lied during the debates stating he only sat on one board with Ayers. Ayers contributed to his campaign and worked as a campaign worker in Chicago, endorsing Obama.

Not only was Ayers involved, but another former Weatherman terrorist was blogging for Obama on the Obama website.

After his background was revealed to the public, the Obama Campaign removed his posts. The problem is, Obama sees the rest of the nation as South Chicago and would like the rest of the nation to be like South Chicago.

His widow, Leonore, has endorsed McCain. In fact, just yesterday the McCain Campaign released its list of Ambassadors supporting him.

In addition to individual contributions, Mrs. Board Member of Tribune Company. She is author of A Multitude of Blessings: Former board members include R.

Many of these members are Republicans and supporters of McCain. So why is it again the Obama should be chastised for serving on Boards with William Ayers?

Your attempt at using Adams as some have used Ayers shows a complete inability to distinguish between good and evil. Saying they are the equivalent is like saying the cop who shoots a perp to save lives is the same as the perp who shoots an innocent man to steal money.

They both shoot people but they are polar opposites just like Adams and Ayers. Most people should be able to distinguish the two but maybe some like yourself cannot.

On the other hand, you serve as a good example of why Obama would be a poor President, because just like you he would be unable to distinguish between good and evil.

Well Pappy, these folks like that ole timey religion here! Barack Obama, however, is just one person, not a gigantic philanthropic foundation, and he is just one person who was directly involved with Bill Ayers, and knew exactly who he was, and what he was.

If you actually want to find out a little something about Walter Annenberg, the Annenberg foundation and the connection between the Annenberg Foundation and the Annenberg Challenge, wiki has a good short article.

I would suggest that you read it as a starting point for researching this issue. It is about guilt by participation. He was not merely in the same place at the same time.

He was materially engaged with these people to his own substantial benefit. Obama has gone to some lengths to deny knowing people that he has obviously been deeply involved with.

It does not concern someone like you that he lies. That a man like Ayers, still pushing for a communist revolution through other means, is an accepted member of academia and Chicago high society, does not mean he is a good man.

It means there is something deeply wrong with academia and Chicago high society. Annenberg was about 85 years old when the Chicago Annenberg Challenge grant was made.

That former Republican officials served somewhere in the Annenberg organization, an organization much larger than the Chicago grant, does not tell us anything useful.

Ayers is one of many problematic Obama associates. Obama embodies that problem and he will demonstrate that if he is elected.

The campaign is hiding him away after his latest gaffe. He surveys the table with raised eyebrows, a How do ya like that?

The staffers sit in silence. Finally somebody ventures a response: But Joe Biden is barely listening anymore.

Just like the Wright debacle the Left is trying to use strawman arguments. No one said that Obama was a terrorist, except for leftwing trolls who claim that critics of Obama are saying that.

The issue is that Obama is lying about his connection with Ayers because he is untruthfully downplaying his relationship. He claimed that Ayers is just another person in the neighborhood when they had many intimate connections and supported each other before Ayers became a liability when Obama assumed his role as a U.

Senator and began to have White House ambitions. Much like Obama lied when he said that he didnt think Rev Wright was particularly controversial and that he never heard him say hateful stuff like he was quoted in blogs.

Obama wound up repudiating Rev Wright and his year church membership in exchange for his presidential ambitions as well. It appears that Obama is a new man now that he wants to be president.

As his wife said, she has never been proud of this country before!!! Obama is very dishonest. If he sincerely talked about his association with Ayers this would have never been a big deal.

He could have said that he excersized bad judgment in associating with Ayers. Instead he lied and his enablers support his lies. But, as regards this tired old red herring of the memberships of the Woods and Annenberg boards: I believe these earnest morons truly do not discern the distinction between those who sit on boards, and those who write the grants and direct the funding read: And, if they pulled their heads out of their asses long enough to recognize that distinction, one other important difference might occur to them:.

Gilding the lily perhaps? Flogging a dead horse? Blood from a stone? Hold the presses- politician hides truth. As we all know, Obama was a child when Ayers was involved with the Weathermen.

To draw any connection with Ayers the Weatherman bomber and Obama the president-elect is laughable. But of course the Reps have precious little else to attack him with….

William Ayers and his lovely wife are responsible for the assassinations of US Military members and police officers. They freely admit this. They are not in jail because of a technicality in the law, I believe they were not read their rights before questioned.

We know that Obama has spent time with Mr. Let me be the first to tell you that if I spent time with Mr. Ayers, I would beat him on or about the head until such a time as he quit breathing.

Obama has no sense of pride in America. Those are the weapons platforms that would keep our troops safe in a time of war, and would insure our independence as a free nation.

Obama is bad for America. If we elect him, we will realize it soon. At least Joe Biden thinks so. If The One was so far ahead, I doubt these deniers would waste time and energy on on trying to fuzz up, diminish, or otherwise play a moral relativism card on such a screamingly obvious case of collusion and lying.

All you little Obamabots working to make your way from the fringes of the Outer Party to the Inner Party are going to experience lots of surprises along the way.

If your morals are so compromised, you may keep wallowing until well into your 80s like poor old Marvin Sussman. Ayers, Progressive Rock Star, saw the possibilities in Obama.

Trained and further vetted by Said and other Far Left faculty at Columbia, Obama returned to Chicago where Ayers had set up a cushy life as Foundation President; even finding The One an appropriately radical wife.

Obama effectively dispatches the competition, no need to count votes if there is only one candidate, and the rest is history.

During this campaign, The One resorts to some NLP techniques to induce mass hypnosis in the crowds, why else did Chrissy Mathews fell that tingle up his leg.

Incidentally, those easiest to hypnotize are those who describe themselves as able to easily let go of their inhibitions.

Good description of you Obamabots, uninhibited. Obama is filling it for you. You truly amaze me — this artificial segmentation between left and right.

So black and white. Nothing personal but…so small minded. You are obviously the product of the american education system — so I wont hold that against you.

Just counsel you to open your eyes. You need to travel alot more — read alot more — and open you eyes to the realities around us all. Can you provide links to reputable primary sources that can allow me to verify these claims as facts?

No any longer Winston. But then you already knew that…. The American people have looked at this for months now, have rejected it as inconsequential and are getting increasingly distrustful of McCain and your efforts to waste any further time talking about a non-issue.

So all the people of the world, all the people of America, owe you, the tireless lackeys of the Rove Right Wing, a great debt of gratitude. Read em and weap….

McCain has also done himself no favors, according to the poll. Hey, there are only six million people in Chicago.

You want to try refuting something, instead of taking refuge in vague and stupid abuse? And in the meantime, given that the Left has dominated the American educational system for the last half century—the more so in the last several decades—perhaps you can explain just what your problem with it might be.

Obviously, Ayers the terrorist like what he saw when he looked at Obama. Someone to further a radical, anti-American view.

Do you have access to this book? I am sure it would be interesting to see if any passages were edited out in Seven Stories Press, I wanted to let you know that right after you posted this, I sent a report with your image and additional detail to my contact at Fox News.

They put this online immediately after and ran the story. I saw the photo on TV when Greta held it up, I think Hannity also mentioned it in between other related discussions.

But here is the URL with mention of zombietime. A poet, a charitable donor… an all around great guy. Sooo similar to Ayers! See, Bin Laden and Ayers are quite similar.

I, for one, am horrified that Ayers teaches in our universities. I, for one, am horrified that Ayers finagled millions to influence K education with his philosophies.

Read the current post. If Obama disagreed, he could have shut it down. Another board member a Republican DID disagree, but was overridden.

Why does he still lie about it? Why does nobody seem to care that he is lying? Bill Ayers would have had plenty of opportunity to practise his theories of pedagogy on little Chesa Boudin.

White killers, black cop… nice symmetry. Especially when Kathy and David, facing long prison terms, sent their baby to Chicago to be reared by Bill and Bernardine.

Now we call it the war on terrorism; then they called it the war on communism. My parents were all dedicated to fighting U. The post that you quoted above, has been scrubbed.

It contained an encyclopedic outline of the facts that refute several of the basic arguments being put out here with documented references to support it i.

It never fails to amaze how well the right prevaricates in the face of the facts: Report says that she did NOT behave in an unethical manner, when the report found exactly that - http: By his association with Ayers, Barack Obama has demonstrated that he has no problem joining forces with communist revolutionaries who intend to destroy the United States and replace it with a worldwide communist state.

This is hardly suprising, seeing as how the New Messiah spent 20 years as a member of a church which calls on God to damn America.

When lefties claim that Ayers and his crew of leftoid maggots were trying to stop the Vietnam War or that Ayers was an anti-war activist…they lie.

As of yesterday no major news organization besides Fox has even attempted to question Ayers about the nature of the relationship, and then only once.

They made another attempt yesterday…. The Red Star Badge of Courage http: These are Ayers words: One is, how can we effectively resist the war, when we thought our charge was to convince the majority of the American people to oppose it.

And still the war went on, and still the murder went on. So what do we do? Washington — Board Chair — Ida B.

Wheatley — President, Sahara Enterprises, Inc. They attacked civilian institutions that had nothing to do with the war in Vietnam, and the reasons the Weathermen themselves gave for bombing those buildings had nothing to do with the Vietnam War.

First of all, I never said Barack Obama was a commie revolutionary. What does the book review have to do with anything? Palin quoted an Anti-Semite.

He was also known for his wish that Franklin Roosevelt be assassinated. I love that you jump to such strong conclusions just by seeing a picture of Obama with his accompanying blurb.

Nobody is questioning if he really did write a blurb. Did you read the blurb. I have a friend who is an Anarchist, I completely disagree with his broader conclusions but we connect on many others.

Obama has never endorsed or approved of Ayers past behavior. Obama is very specific about what he approves of and that was about juveniles being tried as adults.

The right wing media is trying to get you read into this and they are making the connections for you.

This approach of character assassination has always been condemned until now. You can do this to anyone.

Guilt by association is absolutely wrong in our political arena. Read these from the Kenyan government: I mean, really, did Obama really believe that this guy was interested in juvenile justice?

The whole lot of you is why our country has fallen apart the last 8 years. Your all as dumb as G. He bombed empty buildings, and even warned the police before they happened.

He personally authorized the use of torture, breaking our own laws. Some Christian he is. Islamic terrorists would be envious. Obama has killed no one.

He knows a guy that was once part of a group that ended up killing a few people. I used to know a drug dealer. Sara Palin has African witch doctors bless her.

The stock market has historically had greater returns when a Democrat is in office. More jobs are created under Democrats.

The Republicans had their chance, they messed it up. McCain used to be a good guy, and I may have voted for him, but he screwed up his chances in all kinds of ways.

Hiring a moron for VP, and throwing his own morals, values and ideals into the wind for a chance to win. Not even a week after the president election the blond topblogger from Sweden, Linda Ekholm speaks out loud about Obama!

And I really believe this is truly written by heart. Net book to find the book prices: Shop more than the price comparison to find the lowest price to ensure that, from worry out of stock.

That Obama reads is probably what disturbs those whose declared fondness is for politicians as illiterate as themsleves.

I hope so, for it is your world they destroyed. Obama just got handed the biggest shit sandwich ever by Bush and you guys are jealous that he has the integrity to take it on fearlessly.

We need more people passionate about overthrowing the corporate oligarchy than we need these fools committed to encouraging the destruction of Liberty.

Obama just got handed the biggest shit sandwich in the world by stupid neocon idiots who almost wrecked the entire Counrty in just 8 years and you guys sound jealous that he is up for the job of trying to repair some of the damage.

I just feel a little sad that he is trying to actually make your world a better place but you guys would only be happy if the destruction continued unabated.

Obama is not the progressives answer — he is a somewhat tepid version of a centrist, but that makes him electable in this land of the stupid voter and corporate media.

I wish he was the revolutionary you fear — He is not. Is there a single aspect of Neocon ideology that actually improves our lives?

Is it a requirement of this ideology that we have our own Reichstag to prop it up? This is the one that will slay David.

Again and again impotent passion and pathetic ideoligy. McGoliath did not manage to slay our new president, David.

To you neocon shit for brains, money for rumors, just sit down and shut up. Those of us who can read and understand the Scientific method [not inculcation, rumors, money and hatred] will be involved now.

It is no doubt a bit late after what king george and president cheney got away with- but hey, lets all contribute a couple of bucks and fly the previous administration to Europe, where the War Crimes Tribunal can nab them and hold them accountable.

Apparently envy or retardation prevents republitards from seeking same for their terrorists. Your hatred helped to elect him, the people have seen you all for what you are.

I guess he already did all of those stupid things. I am soooo glad I came back to revisit this thread!! None of the big mouths who have been proven wrong are here apologizing for their illogical and factually challenged BS — quelle surprise… But of course, some of the lunatic right wing fringe can be counted on to TEABAG their way past the truth no matter what:.

As long as the majority of shares and or the assets of a company remain in private hands, it is a private company. LOL c if you read anything other than Faux News, you would know that the decision to release the Bush memos was — was approved by former Bush, and current, Sec of Defense Gates — made in large part because most of the content was already widely known or about to be released via other sources.

Nice to see there is always someone here to remind us how much work there still needs to be done on the US Educational system. But the bow issue is hardly a non-issue.

Of course, most Americans are too dumb to know that including you. Obama bowed to the saudi nut as if that guy was his master, but his bow to the Queen was hardly more than a slight nod with his head.

So the government was investing in shares… and now GM is going down completely. Hmmm… well, it looks like the unions dried GM out and the government moved into finally kill it.

Your health care is about to be nationalized. Obama is a leftwing fascist. Not Bush, but the democrats. Who forced the banks to give loans to everyone?

Who quadrupled the budget deficit and doubled the national debt? Not Bush, but Obama. What I saw in him was a salesman, a speaker no more impressive than the thousands of high school graduating class Valedictorians who wow the audience with their idealistic views of a better world, devoid of poverty and war.

The campaign was nothing but a mass Pep Rally for Obama with fans cooing and drooling and weeping at the sight of him. Ring a bell, flash a light, the suckers will come…and buy your snake oil.

Not following protocol with Queen Elizabeth was predictable as was his bowing to the Saudi King; some of us read people very well and are never surprised by actions while others seem incapable of knowing when they are being deceived.

Unfortunately for the U. Barack Obama was born virginal and naked on November 4, Then rose again on January 20, He has no past and no history.

He stands for whatever you believe, wants what you want and is the embodiment of hope for the nation and the world. As he walks across the seas to visit other nations he brings with him that hope and creates change wherever he appears.

He embodies the gentle spirit of American hope for a world free of weaponry and the hatred that motivates its creation and use. He shall lead us to peace through pacifism and power through moral leadership.

By disarming ourselves the world will no longer be threatened by our unfettered aggression in the cause of democracy and will find freedom through leadership.

BO will generously provide that leadership. All hail the leader!! Another unhinged racist attack. There is not one racist thing about it.

It is just fact. And you seem to have a problem with truth. You probably voted for the liar. I remember the sixties.

Ayers and the weather underground were violent, radical, killers. I for one resented that someone else worked so hard to destroy everything I supported.

They all idealized Castro and all those other communist killers of their own people. Now that I am older, can do the research, I see that many of them were victims of the NEA and its goals to fundamentally change America.

I feel sorry for Ayers, Obama, and others like them because they all seemed to be lost sheep who were easily swayed by grandiose ideas by mental predators.

Just goes to show even brilliance is no protection from social and mental predators who prey on our youth. Check out the NEA website under tools.

Then research their history. They are now and have always been a Marxist organization. You people are nuts all this conspiracy theory bull shit…Obama won the precidency deal with it Ayers is a good author no matter who he bombed deal with that too!

Bill Ayers is a compassionate human being who cares about his students and cares about having peace in the world. His approach towards education insures that each child has a fair chance to thrive in the classroom.

This is the side of Bill Ayers that people do not know and unfortunately, do not care to know. I am much more angry at Wall Street for having taxpayers bailout their erratic investments and irresponsible spending on vacations for all their employees on the Vegas strip at the Wynn or the Bellagio as well as taxpayer subsidized million dollar bonuses than I could ever be for Bill Ayers protesting stupid wars that have become the ridiculous hallmark of US Foreign Policy.

Ayers did the right thing but what I am saying is that if you were in college during the Vietnam War and you saw your friends who had no money go to fight that stupid war ie.

DRAFT and then you saw that a bunch of rich kids actually got to avoid the war and finish their college educations, you might be very angry at the government as well for allowing this to happen in the first place.

How ironic that student loans and college tutiions go up so that people become desperate enough to join the armed forces so that they can afford to go to college.

Obama has his work cut out for him. He inherited a terrible economy and I would not want to trade shoes with him knowing that the Military Industrial Complex is at the helm of our Global issues.

I do not believe that any President has the power to say No to the Pentagon, the CIA, or any other powerful force of the government that believes that they are securing our interests overseas—Obama is powerless.

Ultimately, elections mean nothing but it is my hope that President Obama will focus further on domestic policy during his second term in office.

His inaugural address was a somber one. I worry that he may not get a second term if he abandons those issues during his first term.

I suspect that the tactic here is to remain neutral until he gets a second term and then implement the Change that people voted for.

However, most voters are not that loyal as we saw in the midterm elections. Back to the second term and the Change that could occur: I still believe that Obama will be implementing Change if in a second term if Americans are verbal enough about it.

Unfortunately, Change sometimes means higher taxes and even moderates much as myself believe that that may hurt the economy more.

I would be happy if we could focus on more security within this country…such as securing nuclear power plants with additional safety features, securing skyscrapers with additional security and magnetometers, using our finger prints as Identification for any transaction in the US on a widescale, allowing a gateway for citizenship via the Dream Act, securing the borders to prevent further illegal immigration and allow for further investigation of the cargo that enters the U.

We have too many hands in too many pots in the middle east and ultimately, we will be burned if we continue down this downward spiral of fighting for democracy and world peace.

If Darfur was never touched then why bother with Libya? We need to invest here on our education, our safety, etc…As I said, we can only help other countries in terms of aid food and not airstrikes or giving money…those days are long over.

Both parties have to focus on preserving the wealth of this country by preserving the middle class who are our largest consumers. No child in this country should be living in poverty.

The author of this article clearly knows his stuff. Pathological Liars are colorless, and all equally as despicable as the next.

Everyone suffers as the conscienceless spin webs and fill their bank accounts, drunk with arrogant power and deceit.

The Liar as a Leader is no win for anyone of any color, yellow, black, white, for us all, a defeat. I commend the edifying article you lend in your articles.

We welcome you to comment on the issues mentioned or to add a new question. For those questions that are not answered during the seminar, please check back here following the seminar for input from the facilitator s and your fellow participants.

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I applaud your research and opinion of what it is you found. Obama is known for his lies. He appears to be a full blown Socialist our to achieve Communism.

Are own little Karl Marx, if you will. Thanks for sharing excellent informations. Your web-site is very cool. It reveals how nicely you perceive this subject.

Bookmarked this web page, will come back for extra articles. You, my pal, ROCK! What a perfect web-site. George and Dick were the only President and Vice President who had actually been arrested and spent time in jail for alcohol abuse and were rehabilitated, before running for office and they both did a decent job.

You could have cared less. Obama was 8 years old when that guy was arrested and charges were dropped. Stick to condemning your own before you go after others.

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